Das spätbronzezeitliche Grab 79 aus dem Gräberfeld von Kainach bei Wildon, Gem. Weitendorf, STMK.

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[Late Bronze Age Grave 79 from Kainach near Wildon (Styria, Austria)] The archaeological investigation at Kainach near Wildon revealed a Late Bronze and Early Iron Age cemetery. From the discovery in 2004 until 2012, archaeologists have unearthed 230 urn graves. Goods from some of these graves have already been subjected to restoration, one of which (Grave 79) is presented here. The urn grave in question held the burial of two individuals with grave goods comprising five ceramic vessels, fragments of a melted tanged knife of either Type Hadersdorf or Wien-Leopoldsberg, a small fragment of a decorated bone object and two small gold wires. The author dates the grave to Ha B1. Its goods show close ties with areas to the north, more precisely the area of the Lusatian culture (Silesian group), on the one hand, and with areas to the south, i.e. the Balkan Peninsula, on the other.
Keywords: Austria, Styria, Late Bronze Age, Urnfield Period, graves, gold, pottery, knives, rings